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I consider the Biscayne my 1st project, because it was my first serious street machine. It's an old project that was built over 10 years ago.
As with everything else that I do, I did it all myself. While a new powertrain was being put together, it served as a cool daily cruiser. Later, the small block 406 and Turbo 400 was swapped in.
It was a real beater, so the following winter it was torn apart, gutted and totally repainted. As time progressed, other work was done. New wheels, disc brakes, Ford 9", and then the blower was added. Then came the fuel cell, the big exhaust & the rear mounted cooling system, and later the DFI was added.
Looking back, I did what I could with what I had. Over the years I have acquired more equipment and honed my skills, so there's no comparison of project #1 to Bartonek's twin turbo car or what my pro-touring Camaro will be.
I had thoughts of upgrading certain areas of the car, but I feel that it's a part of my history and best left as-is. This is what I could do back then, my present and future projects are a reflection of what I can do now, and what my abilities will be later.
I like it just the way it is. 
The Biscayne album:
Julian's 1973 big block Z28 twin turbo install was another fun challenge. Though it wasn't completed to running status, it goes to show that anything is possible when it comes to custom fabrication.
Cutting time on a project saves money. A set of shorty headers was chopped and modded to get the job accomplished. Though it's by far a lower budget turbo build than Alex's IROC, quailty or functionality didn't suffer.
Here's a few pictures in the build up. For more, check out the build album:

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