Gear Venodrs overdrive installation
Even though the Gear Vendors overdrive unit is small, it can withstand 2,000 horse power. Everything about the GV's system is of the highest quality and a well thought-out design, they even include velcro tape for mounting the control modules. I made use for one of the many cubby holes that Chevy trucks have for the location of the control panel. No holes were drilled, no panels were cut and my installation looks almost factory.

Manual mode gives the capability of gear splitting, making it a true 8 speed. Another feature is that in manual mode it can be left disengeged. Then when highway cruising speed is achieved, it can be activated, giving a double overdrive. In auto mode, the unit engages automatically at 50 MPH. It'll take some time to get used to the system and find out what works best for me.

More pictures and descriptions in my Chevy 1500HD album:

I'm the proud owner of an 01 Chevy 1500HD, 6.0 liter. The complaints of others getting 14 MPG from their 2500HDs (4X4?) is getting old, but is very true. Ford's 5.4 Triton doesn't fair much better (if any), and Ford/Dodge V-10 owners claim an average of 8/10 MPG. These trucks are made for towing/hauling/haulin' butt, and do it well, but suffer at the pump. $100 fill-ups are now common. At least the diesel variants get better economy and have more torque, but on the down-side, diesel is more pricey than gas.

My shop truck will be the guinea pig in an attempt to break the 20MPG barrier and what it will take to get it there. My best average is just under 16MPG during a 600 mile trip to East Texas. While mostly Interstate & highway cruising speeds between 70 and 75 MPH, there were some inner city stop/go traffic issues. The 1500HD has a "standard" gear ratio of 3.73 (optional 4.10), the 2500's standard ratio is 4.10, which makes my 16MPG average higher than the  typical 2500 owner's.

The truck is as close to stock as anything can get. With the exception of having a Magnaflow muffler, it is a stock vehicle, it even retains an AC Delco paper element air filter. I have plans for future mods as well, but not until the Gear Vendors overdrive is tested and evaluated. The Edge Evolution series power programmer looks promising and suits my style, so a future story will be posted on it as well. The common question about adding headers is something that I truely can't answer, so the addition of headers will be a following subject. True gear heads ask about the MAF mod, something else I have thoughts about, as well as a custom air intake system.

The Gear Vendors controllers have been installed and the wiring has been strung. A final MPG will be figured before the actual unit is bolted in and then results will be posted.
Even though I'm shooting for a maximum gain in mileage, this truck is no slouch. It runs good, handles well and drives really nicely. It regularly tows a loaded car hauler, so I can confirm that the HD trucks have a really strong braking system.

As good as it is, it can always be better.
Mileage update:
1 test, consuming a full tank and and another test using a 1/2 tank netted the same results. A combination of highway and city driving netted the same average of 14 MPG. So my earlier average of 16 MPG highway looks pretty promising.
More tests to come.
Update #2
The last 100 mile Interstate trip with average speeds of 70 to 75 MPH, netted an exact 16 MPG.  
Update #3
The same 100 mile trip with the use of the Gear Vendors engaged 99% of the time, had an increase of 4 MPG. Averaged an exact 20 MPG. A several hundred mile run is needed for a more precise gauging. So, I think it's safe to say that 21/22MPG isn't a crazy expectation.
The 6.0L pulled the heavy truck up many 2% and 3% grades with ease, in double OD. A lugging, 1,600 RPM at 70MPH. 80MPH is right at 1,900 RPM. The two 7% grades on route had to be climbed 3rd-over (2,200 RPM at 70).
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