Specializing in hot rod fabrication for over 15 years.
   This is Bartonekdragracing.com's 85 Camaro. It has a twin T-70 Master Power turbo system that I designed and built. The header flanges were built from 1/4" flat plate and the primary tubes were made from 1.75" J-bends. The air piping is 4" tubing & mandrel bent elbows and I used 6, 8, & 10AN steel braid for the rest of the plumbing. 
The headers and air tubes were later ceramic coated and gave it a nicer appearance.
Dart block 406, Dart heads and 10 PSI of boost should be good for close to 800 HP. Waste gates are  easily upgradable to 20 PSI.

More pictures in my personal photo library. 
This picture was sent to me, in regards to my 1968 pro-touring Camaro project.
I started with an original RS/SS basket case, constructed my own frame and swapped in a late model front suspension unit. I couldn't stop there, so I designed and built bracketry to install Corvette C4 rear suspension. The only body modifications have been the addition of 4 mounting holes for the rear suspension brackets. So, if it ever needs to be "put back to stock", there won't be any issues later on.
The rest of the running gear will consist of a twin turbo 461 big block and a 4L80-E transmission. Frame and front suspension mock-up is in this photo album (descriptions below some pics):
 The Vette IRS mock-up is here:
Initial body work is here:
Located in Poth, Texas
  My years of hot rod influence has carried over into my motorcycle fabrication.
I recently registered a new domain name and decided to create a sister company. This one is specializing in supermoto and dual-sport conversions (yet I still service daily beaters, Harleys and ATVs).


Taking a basic motocross bike, adding street legal tires and lighting makes for a radical dual-sport machine, or "adventure" bike...as they are now called. The factory sprocket gearing was way too low for the street. Even though a street sprocket set was installed, the power of the old beast is still brutal.
The Honda CR480 that was recently converted and licensed is still an excellent trail-capable machine, and makes for a fun around-town circus ride. As far as some cosmetic changes, it is still basically stock.

The ultimate thrill toy is a supermoto machine. The idea was born in Europe as the supermotard series, the American influence spawned "supermoto".....now the slang term is sumo.
Again when using a track-capable motocross bike, and installing 17" rims, racing tires, and higher capicity braking systems..... transforms it into a sumo themed racer. Suspension set-up, engine mods and proper gearing is still needed to run competitively on a pro racecourse.

The "hooligan" version of a sumo is the addition of sport-bike wheel sets. My latest guinea pig is a 2001 CR125, converted to a CR500af (aluminum frame), and modded into a supermoto machine....but something was missing. It just didn't have the hot-rod personality that I was looking for.
With the addition of a Honda VFR800 swing arm, wheels and big brakes, it now suits my style. A super hooligan, which will eventually be street legal.

Please check out my supermoto website for more links and better specifics on each project. Thanks for looking and have a great day. 
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